A Miss O’s Bows
Continuing Tale
This is #5
"Friendship in Friendship"

Mermaids aren’t quite,
Like you and me.
Things are very different,
When you live in the sea.
Its easy to understand,
Why they are misunderstood,
I’m sure they’d be friendlier,
If they could.
But mermaids have to be careful,
With whom they associate,
Or they could become dinner,
On somebody’s plate!
Its shocking to some,
Surprising to most,
That the mermaids who live,
Along the Maine coast,
Consider Gram and little O ,
Part of their family,
Despite being less fish,
And more mammally.

Skin or scales,
Feet or fins,
Determining which is better,
Isn’t how friendship begins.
Friendships can start,
With even a bow,
Or something as simple,
As a hello.
In fact that is precisely,
How it began,
This bond between the mermaids,
Miss O and Gran.
Of course it’s easy ,
To love little O,
Everyone does,
As far as I know.

Little O accepts the mermaids,
Just as they are,
Cautious but raucous,
Slippery and flippery.
Each delights,
In the other’s treasure,
And each takes pleasure,
In learning about the life,
And ‘le’zure‘,
Of their separate worlds ,
In the sea ,
And on land,
In the water and,
Beyond the sand.

This unlikely partnership ,
Between the mermaids,
Gram and O,
Does have the town of Friendship,
In a bit of a row.
Ironic I know.
"We’re lobstermen ,we’re fishermen!"
The men reiterate,
"We can’t be fraternizing with
What’s taken our bait!"
"I don’t care," bellowed Henry,
If they have long hair and pearls!
I don’t care that they happen,
To look a lot like girls!
A mans got to protect ,
His livelihood,
I’d just as soon filet ‘em,
If I could!".

"But their friends of Miss O,"
Another man points out,
"And really Henry, you
Don’t have to shout.
We’re all fishermen here,
We’re all in the same boat,
Lets  put our heads together ,
And then we’ll take a vote."
The fishermen of Friendship,
Came up with a plan.
They would lure the mermaids,
Just as soon as they can,
With shampoo from Wal-Mart,
And brassieres from Sears,
Potato chips,
Sour cream dips ,
And even some beers.
They would lure them past the islands,
Into international waters.
Then bribe them some more,
With silver dollars and quarters.

The lobstermen threatened too,
In voices terse and mean,
That if the mermaids come back to Friendship,
They’ll tell LL Bean!
THEN you know what will happen,
Or at least you can guess,
They’ll have mermaids in their catalog,
Wearing a dress!
Surely such threats,
Would scare the mermaids away.
Thus that was the plan ,
For the very next day.
But at dusk,
The siren sounded.
Henry’s boat grounded!
It was sinking fast,
He wouldn’t last.
Henry can’t swim,
Unlucky him.

Glug glug ,
Glug glug.
Henry was gasping and,
Grasping at straws.
He thought about JAWS,
And all the good and ,
Bad things he’d ever done.
He wished he had been ,
A better son.
Glug glug,
Glug glug.
Suddenly in the murky depths,
A vision appeared;.
Miraculous and weird.
Five fishy women with purpose,
Hauled Henry back up to the surface!
Henry caught his breath.
He’d just escaped death.
And who did he have to thank?
Well it wasn’t Hank,
Or Wesley or Kyle,
They all had taken awhile.

No, it was the mermaids,
First on scene.
And fortunate for Henry ,
They chose to intervene.
They say Henry’s changed,
Since he nearly drowned.
As though he’d been lost,
And now has been found.
But strangest perhaps,
Is when he baits his traps.
Instead of herring and pogies,
He’s using caviar hoagies,
Blueberries and bows,
Chocolates and a rose.
….You don’t suppose???!!!

Friendships can start with a hello,
Or with a bow,
Or with mermaids,
And a lobster man.
…At least in Friendship,
they can.