The mermaids, Gram, Miss O and their bows,
Had been invited to the Bangor Fair.
As far as anyone could remember,
No mermaids had ever been there.
Actually the farthest these mermaids,
Had ever traveled past the sand,
Was when theyíd hopped to Grams house,
Which is less then a mile inland.
At first the mermaids werenít sure,
If they really wanted to go,
But no one is more convincing,
Then our own little O.
"They have pink clouds on a stick,
That you lick!
Giant tea cups that whirl,
And twirl!
Llamas, horses ,cows and calves!"

"Do they have giraffes?"
"No, its not a zoo, itís a fair!"
"Any bear?"
"Not there.
ÖYouíve just got to go and see
Please say youíll come with me!"
The mermaids couldnít say no to O,
They had to go.
Now mermaids can hop and swim,
Float and dive,
But one thing they can not do,
Is drive.
Well maybe they could,
Probably they would,
I donít think they should,
You need a license thatís good.
A Friendship fishing license,
Doesnít count,
Unless itís a lobster your ,
Planning to mount.
Traveling by lobster,
Works well if by sea.
By highway they,
Go way too slowly.
Gram's car is a Miata,
And small.
Grandpa's pickup wasnít working,
At all.
I canít say the folks on the bus,
Had been wrong,
Complaining the mermaids perfume,
Was much too strong.
Maybe Iíve neglected to,
Mention that in the past?
It is a clam flat aroma,
That tends to last,
Öand last!

They were about to give up,
Afraid they couldnít go,
When Gramps pulled up with a,
Vehicle in tow.
"I bought us a solution,"
He boasted proud as punch,
"I found us a cab that
Will hold the whole bunch!"
I could hardly believe,
What I could see.
Gramps had bought,
An old London taxi!
It was shiny and black,
Quite roomy in back.
With ample space,
For mermaids and bows,
Gram, O, flippers and toes.
"Yippee! A taxi!"
Cheered O with glee.
Confident gramps,
Would cabbie for free .
They were soon ready and off,
On a fin and a prayer.
Headed straightaway,
To the Bangor fair!
Gram rolled down the windows,
Iím sure you know why.
It didnít help much,
But it was worth a try.
Gram soon rolled them back up,
Realizing it wasnít wise,
To ride down the highway,
Accompanied by flies.
The mermaids behaved,
As best they could,
Sprawled in the back,
-Sometimes on the hood.
Gramps stopped halfway,
So they could swim,
It took Swedish Fish,
To get them back in
The three hour journey,
May have seemed like five,
Gram was just grateful,
Theyíd made it alive.

"The fair!, the fair!",
At last they were there.
Hopping about and,
Walking on their hands,
The mermaids visited,
Every one of the stands.
I have to admit,
They were a distraction.
Some thought that they,
Were the main attraction.
After the mermaids,
And of course Miss O,
Grams beautiful bows,
Were the hit of the show.
Itís a good thing Gram,
Had made dozens to sell.
She sold out completely,
ÖDespite the smell.
O laughed so hard,
Hearing the mermaids squeal,
As they went round and round,
On the Ferris wheel.

They were less enthusiastic,
About the bumper cars.
"Worse then a sea storm",
They said , "We saw stars!"
When O asked the mermaids,
What they liked the best,
They agreed the dunk tank,
Was more fun then the rest.
With a clothespin on his nose,
Gramps tried not to doze,
As he drove his London taxi,
Back to Friendship,
From the fair
His passengers sleeping soundly,
All the way there.
Gramps tucked O,
Snugly into her bed.
Gram smiled at her,
And softly said
"Sweet dreams my little O,
I love you so.
Tomorrow I will sew,
You a new bow.
With ribbons the colors,
Of cotton candy,
So the memories,
Of this day,
Will always be handy;
A taxi ride,
With mermaids inside,
Flies and bows,
Flippers and toes,
All the way to the Bangor fair"
Leaning down Gram removed,
Oís bow with care.
She kissed her hair,
Turned out the light,
And whispered,
"Good night".