Chipmunks giggled as he lumbered by,
Crows squawked insults from high in the sky,
Bears nudged each other in silent collusion,
That bull moose in a bow was no illusion.
While Gram prepared her apple pie,
She looked at O and wondered why,
The bow that had been in her hair ,
Was gone, was missing, was no longer there.
"Where is your bow O,
Do you know?
Its not in your hair,
I don’t see it anywhere."
"I think it got stuck Gram,
In the apple tree.
Will you go back
And look with me?"
Gram put her pie in the oven to cook,
Then she and O went back to look.
"Have you seen O’s bow?,"
Gram asked the Hare,
"Its not in her hair Hare".
"Its not in my hare hair," said Hare.
"Oh my, oh goodness
Where could it be?
Mr. Owl do you see
O’s bow in your tree?"
"Who?", asked Owl,
He was hard of hearing.
"O’s Bow!", hollered Gram,
As she continued peering.
"No, I haven’t seen an O bow,
Nor an M bow," Owl mused,
"But I do see your L bow."
(I think he was confused)
Gram and O hadn’t gone,
Much further to look,
When they heard a rustling
Down by the brook.
There standing tall,
By the small water fall,
Was a  moose,
In a bow,
And he can’t sew!
From his antlers,
Ribbons dangled,
Looking like some gift wrap,
And he had wrangled.
"Oh Mr. Moose," said O
"Your wearing my bow!"
"No not I !",
Did Moose decry,
"I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, no never!
Not ever!"
"Its true Moose," Gram said with a sigh,
"You know we would never lie."
"Mr. Moose, get down low,"
Suggested O,
"Look in the water and you’ll see,
That your antlers look,
Like a Christmas tree!".
Moose lowered his head,
To the waters edge,
He looked at his reflection.
Then blushing a bit,
He took a sit,
And confessed with
Some dejection.
"I’m sorry Miss O,
I took your bow.
It was caught in a branch,
And I took a chance.
I hoped you might not
Miss it.
I just couldn’t resist it."
Its ok Mr. Moose,"
O consoled,
"At least you’ve told
The truth.
Its alright with me,
If Gram will agree,
That you can keep it.
And this will stay our secret."

"Aw shucks ,aw gee
I’m a happy me!",
Gushed Moose with great relief.
He had his bow, 
And Gram let him know,
She’d be happy to help him
Make them,
So he didn’t have to
Take them.
"It never occurred to me," said Gram to O,
"That Bull Moose would want a bow."
Looking at Gram dramatically,
O exclaimed emphatically,
"Well Gram, bows are beautiful things!
They are like the crowns on kings!
Like the flowers on a stem,
Who wouldn’t want one hundred and
Seven eleven of them!
Gram smiled
At her grandchild.
"You are right O,
Everybody should have a bow."
Maine’s Monsieur Moose
Now has a sewing salon,
Where the chipmunks try on.
Rows of bows.
And the crows,
Well everyone knows,
Where their nest gets it’s ‘rib-bons’.
Hare in hair bows,
Bears in bear bows,
Owl in fowl bows.
…He’s not confused,
He bought his used!
And Moose?
He’s enthused.
With his antlers decked
In the biggest bows of all,
He’s even considering
A shop at the mall,
With his Maine made,
Hoof made,.
Moose made bows.
‘Buy two get one free’,
Says a sign down near
The apple tree.
Go there and you might see,
Monsieur Bull Moose,
Sewing bows,

'O's Bows And Bull Moose'