The Most Beautiful Bow (Tale Four)
Not all tears are sad,
I can tell you from knowing.
Sometimes tears are your heart,
So full of love,
It's overflowing.
Days and days and,
Days and days,
Had come and gone,
Had come and gone again.
O was feeling low,
She hadn’t received a bow,
In so many days,
She couldn’t remember when.
At home in Arizona,
Little O waited by the door.
She sat very quietly ,
Cross legged on the floor.
Hearing daddy’s car,
Little O leapt to her feet.
In a couple seconds more,
He’d be right across the street.
Across the street,
Like soldiers at attention,
The mailboxes stand silently,
Without hint or mention,
Of the secrets they hold inside.
Daddy has the key.
Daddy got the mail,
2 bills, 2 cards,.
And one sale.
No bow,
Poor O!
"But daddy!", wailed O,
"How can this be,
That Gram has forgotten ,
All about me?!"
"Oh Little O, no,
That’s not so."
"Then where’s my bow?!",
Insisted O.
"Sweetheart, Gram
Didn’t want me to tell,
But she fell,
And hasn’t been well.
I promise you,
She’ll soon be better,
If you’d like we could
Send her a letter".

O made her pile,
It took awhile.
One white feather found by the pool.
One gold star,
Earned at school.
One shoe lace,
She’d just learned to tie.
One ballerina band aid,
Well, you know why.
5 cheerios , 1 hair clip,
And some colored string.
O was sure she’d thought,
Of everything.
Sewing with shoelaces and string,
Isn’t an easy thing.
Especial-ill-illy when,
You’d just learned to tie,
But O was determined to try.

Sitting in her hospital bed,
Gram opened the box that read,
‘To Gram, room 63,
Special delivery’.
"It’s a bow!
From Miss O!" Gram rejoiced,
Her pleasure loudly voiced.
"A bow for me,
Eagerly Gram put it in her hair,
And asked for a mirror,
So she could stare.
"It’s the most beautiful bow,
I have ever seen!
I feel like I’ve been ,
Crowned a Queen!".

It was a sight to behold,
If truth be told.
And perhaps the most
charming thing,
Were the 5 cheerios,
Hanging like clothes,
Dangling down,
From the string.
They could have poked,
Gram in the eye.
Maybe that is,
What made her cry,
But I don’t think so.


The Most Beautiful Bow