How It Came To Be That Mermaids Wear
O's Bows
Little Miss O has many bows.
She wears them wherever she goes.
O has bows for every occasion,
Occupation and location.
Bows for dancing,
For when she sings,
Bows for ball bouncing ,
And swinging on swings.
Laundry day bows,
Grocery shopping bows,
Park bows, zoo bows,
School bows, pool bows,
And just as you might suppose,
Going to the doctor bows.
Most bows are happy,
Some sad,
One  tiny one,
In case O's mad.
Rainy day bows,
Sunny day bows,
Bows for when it snows.
Although it almost never snows
In Arizona.
It's Gramma's fault,
O has so many bows.
Gram cuts and glues,
And sews and sews,
Gram and O canít be together,
Every week or every day,
Gram lives in Maine,
And that is too far away.
But Oís bows can be with O,
Wherever she goes ,
So wherever O goes,
So goes her bows.
During a summer visit,
When O had come to Maine,
The mermaids met Miss O,
And they have never been the same.
The mermaids were accustomed,
To seeing Gram by the shore,
Sheíd come at low tide,
Gather shells and sea glass galore.
But who was this little companion,
With the pretty thing in her hair?
The mermaids watched her closely,
Even though itís impolite to stare.
Now you know,
Mermaids tend to hide,
At low tide,
But Oís bows were like bait,
And they tempted fate.
"Iíll trade you some treasure,"
A voice from the water said,
"Iíll trade 2 triton seashells,
For that thing up on your head."
"Oh, Iím sorry" explained O,
"I canít trade my bow,
My Gram makes them for me,
Not sure if it was a water drop,
Or a mermaid tear,
O thought quickly, she hollered,
"Grammy come here!"
...And that is how,
The bargain came to be,
That Gram sews bows,
For the mermaids in the sea.
Word has spread like periwinkles,
All up and down the coast,
It seems Gramís Miss O Bows,
Are what mermaids want the most.
Sometimes Gram wishes though,
When sheís tired and ,
Longs for bed,
That rather then bows ,
She had proposed,
To sew O,
Little SHOES instead!