O’s Giraffe Bows……..STORY TWO
Shortly before Miss O’s Birthday,
She flew to Maine.
Gram and the local mermaids were,
So glad that she came!
Gram asked O about her birthday,
What she would like to do.
Miss O said without hesitation,
" Take the mermaids to the zoo!"
"But Miss O," explained Gram,
"Maine doesn’t have a zoo".
Little O crestfallen muttered,
"Arizona do!"
Then with urgent dismay,
O implored her gran,
Saying, "I PROMISED,
I'd show them,
Soon as I can!".
"Show them what O?"
Asked Gram confused.
"A giraffe!’ exclaimed O.
Gram smiled, amused.
" Gram I said giraffe necks,
Are tall as trees.
They said uh-uh,
Not in one hundred,
Or seven seas!"
" O, we don’t have giraffes ,
And we haven’t got a zoo.
Tell the mermaids a trip,
To the library will do."
Seeing O‘s heart sinking
Gram got thinking,
" Let's have a party,
Invite the mermaids to come.
We'll play all kind of games,
And have all kinds of fun.
Instead of Pin The Tail On The Donkey,
Play Pin The Bow On The Giraffe,
That will solve the problem and,
Be great for laugh."
" Where will we get ,
A giraffe?" asked O.
"No problem," grinned Gram,
"We can draw it or sew!"
"He's got to be tall Gram,
As tall as a tree.
As tall as a tree,
And taller then me."
"Oh my, that’s tall!",
Gram agreed.
"We better get busy
If we’re going to succeed".
Arriving on party day,
The mermaids were quite the sight,
Imagine having no feet ,
And trying to walk upright!
Some mermaids hopped,
Others walked on their hands.
Despite their flippy floppy,
Flippers they came.
They are ardent Miss O fans.
It had been Grampa's intent,
To not let the mermaids dry,
But his control with the hose went,
Well...a little awry.
Still the party was wonderful,
Even with Gramp's hosing down;
-, Mrs.Ellis looked bedraggled,
And so did the clown,
But the mermaids were grateful
For the preventative wetting,
Only Mrs. Ellis found it,
Humorless- upsetting.
The mermaids e-special-ill-illy enjoyed,
Playing Pin The Bow On The Giraffe.
Hard to say what they liked best,
Bows, the giraffe or hearing O laugh.
For unlike tails on donkeys,
Bows look silly on a giraffe’s behind,
Having never seen a giraffe before,
-The mermaids didn’t to mind.
After the party,
As the mermaids bid adieu,
Gram said." Wait a minute darlings,
I have something for each of you."
Gram gave all the mermaids a,
Giraffe print hair bow to keep.
Thrilled they wore them,
Some on their bum, that night to sleep.
And THAT as Miss O will tell you,
Is why mermaids wear giraffe print bows,
On their hair, their heinie, and nose.
It's not insanity,
or mer vanity,
"Its because Maine doesn’t have a zoo,
And Arizona do!"

TALE TWO 'Why Mermaids Wear Giraffe Hair Bows'... (on their bum!)